Magic, stardust, tales and more. Jump in to the world of imagination!

Lulu&Piko is a  creative company based in Finland and founded by two artists. Lulu&Piko is an imaginary world full of stardust, tales, magic and joy of jumping in to a creative lifestyle.

Our main goal is to write, illustrate and produce childrens books, book related material ( paper dolls, storyboards, illustrations) and videos, mainly published online.

Lulu&Piko (Ihmesiskot Ltd.)  / Erkintie 10, Vantaa, Finland / tel. +358 50 5213131 / vat number: 3133940-2 / e-mail: 

.Wella Wild was originally published online during the Covid-19 pandemia in 2020. Written by Rasaliina Seppälä and illustrated by Anu Pensola.

Translated in english by Tiina Reed and Sofia Smith.


Lulu&Piko are two tiny, magical friends. You can only see them if you are a child.

Lulu and Piko will appear if you need help with everyday problems, such as strange noises, vegetable soup or brushing your teeth. You can always rely on Lulu and Piko’s incredible ways of solving your problems.